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Hair loss is a problem that is quite common and complained about nowadays. The main reason for this situation is generally excessive stress and anxiety. Excessive stress and anxiety trigger possible hair loss even more. This increased hair loss eventually leads to a decrease in self-confidence over time.

Hair transplant procedures are performed today to prevent hair loss, and even to renew the shaken self-confidence. These hair transplant procedures are carried out by expert and professional hair transplant surgeons. Otherwise, encountering undesired results is inevitable. By examining our content, you can become knowledgeable about the characteristics of the best hair transplant surgeons and the hair transplant process, and determine the best doctor for hair transplant. We wish you a pleasant reading.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure that has become increasingly popular among both men and women, typically performed due to hair loss or thinning hair. This procedure generally involves adding hair follicles taken from the hair donor area to the non-hair donor area. There are two different types of hair transplant procedures, namely the FUE hair transplant method and the DHI hair transplant method. Thanks to these hair transplant methods, you can achieve more natural and thicker hair in a very short time.

In Which Situations Is Hair Transplantation Performed?

The reason for undergoing hair transplant treatment differs between men and women. The biggest and fundamental reason for this is that men and women are physiologically different from each other. If we need to explain in which situations women and men undergo hair transplants, they are as follows:

In which cases is hair transplant performed in women?

Women generally undergo hair transplant in the following cases:

  • Due to stress caused by work and daily life, hair transplant is performed for hair loss.
  • Women prefer hair transplant due to hormonal changes experienced during the process of giving birth, menopause, and breastfeeding.
  • Birth control pills used by women trigger hair loss, so they prefer hair transplant.
  • Hair transplant is also performed for hair loss caused by high-heat treatments such as perm and blow-dry performed under the name of hair care.
  • Thyroid problems, lupus, anemia, and other diseases commonly experienced by women may cause hair loss or thinning, and hair transplant is applied in such cases as well.

You can check out our page on Hair Transplant For Women for more information.

In which cases is hair transplant performed in men?

Men generally opt for hair transplant in the following situations:

  • Due to genetic factors, men experience hair loss which leads them to opt for hair transplant procedures.
  • Hair loss caused by smoking and poor nutrition can also lead men to opt for hair transplant.
  • Sleep disorders can also cause hair loss, and hair transplant is an option for men in such cases.
  • Hair loss caused by stress can also be treated through hair transplant procedures.
  • Finally, hormonal imbalances can cause hair thinning or hair loss in men, and they may opt for hair transplant to address the issue.

What are the consequences of unprofessional hair transplantation procedures?

In non-professional hair transplantation procedures, certain results occur. If we were to list these results, they are:

  • Unnatural Hairline

The hairline is an important factor that indicates whether a hair transplant is done correctly or not. To determine whether a hair transplant looks natural or not, you just need to pay attention to the shape of the hairline. A non-natural hairline occurs due to the irregular or artificial placement of hair. As a result, you may encounter asymmetrical hairlines that do not match your facial features.

  • Unhealthy Donor Area

Harvesting too many grafts from the donor area can lead to unwanted results. Because every individual has a certain graft capacity depending on their donor area. When this graft capacity is exceeded, it may not result in a pleasing appearance. For example, there may be freckle-like spots or an unhealthy-looking nape in the donor area.

  • Unnatural-looking Hair Density

Unnatural-looking hair density is one of the most common problems encountered in non-professional hair transplant procedures. The main reason for this is the incorrect distribution of grafts. Due to the low number of grafts implanted, an unhealthy, sparse hair appearance can be obtained. On the other hand, an artificial hair appearance can be obtained when too many grafts are implanted. Therefore, a graft plan should be created by professional doctors based on your hair appearance.

  • Incorrect Hair Direction

This problem is also a common issue in non-professional hair transplant procedures. In graft implantations performed by non-experts in hair transplant, since the channels are opened and implanted in the wrong direction, the hair starts to grow in the wrong or opposite direction after a while. Due to this problem, hair clusters that look different from your own hair can be seen. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to work with professional and expert hair transplant surgeons.

  • Baby-looking Hair Clusters

Baby-looking hair clusters are one of the annoying problems encountered in hair transplant. Due to this problem, even if you have a perfect hairline, your hair appearance may be poor due to intermittently implanted hair. For example, visible gaps occur in the scalp due to the sparse implantation of hair. This situation leads to the formation of a baby hair appearance.

What should I pay attention to before getting a hair transplant?

After deciding to get a hair transplant, there are certain things you should pay attention to before the procedure. Here are some of the things that should be taken into consideration:

  1. Take a Break from Medication
    Two weeks before starting the hair transplant treatment, you should definitely take a break from taking medication that may increase the risk of bleeding, such as aspirin, blood thinners, or pain relievers. This way, the hair transplant procedure can be performed more comfortably.
  2. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking
    Alcohol and smoking should be avoided before the procedure. Because smoking and alcohol reduce blood flow, it is not possible to perform the transplant procedure correctly.
  3. Say Goodbye to Caffeine
    Since caffeine can generally cause tension, it is also useful to say goodbye to caffeine 1 week before the procedure. This way, you can be ready for the hair transplant procedure in a calm and relaxed state of mind instead of being nervous.
  4. Get Detailed Information
    Before the hair transplant, be sure to contact the clinic where you will have the hair transplant and get detailed information about the hair transplant process. This way, you can prevent any questions or doubts from forming in your mind.

What should I pay attention to after the hair transplant process?

After the hair transplant procedure is completed, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration in order to achieve successful and efficient hair transplant results. The things to be careful about after hair transplant are as follows:

  • Minimize Contact with Water
    After the hair transplant, the transplanted area should not be exposed to water for the first 24 hours. Otherwise, the hair follicles may be damaged. The first washing procedure is generally applied after 24 hours. This process is performed by expert hair transplant surgeons.
  • Avoid Heavy Exercise and Sports
    Heavy exercise routines and activities should be avoided for at least 1 week after the hair transplant procedure. This way, the hair roots grow more healthily. Therefore, for the first 3-4 days after the procedure, it is necessary to sleep without harming the transplanted hair area.
  • Take a Break from Alcohol and Tobacco Use
    Alcohol and cigarette consumption should not be done for the first week after the procedure. Because these substances slow down blood flow, there won’t be efficient blood flow to the hair canals where the transplantation is made.
  • Do Not Skip Your Medications
    After the hair transplant treatment, it is necessary to use the medications given by your doctor regularly. This way, hair root sensitivity can be prevented and a more comfortable hair transplant process can be experienced.
  • Review Your Diet
    In order to heal the scalp faster after the hair transplant, it is necessary to review your eating habits. For this, plenty of water should be consumed and in addition, plenty of vitamin C should be taken.
  • Get Protective Materials
    To protect the transplanted area after the hair transplant, hats and protective equipment recommended by the doctor should be used. This way, more efficient hair transplant results can be achieved.

What is the Recovery Process in Hair Transplantation?

The healing process of hair transplantation usually takes about 10-14 days on average. However, this period may vary depending on the patient’s health condition, the hair transplantation method used, and the applied techniques.

During the first weeks of the healing process, it is normal to have slight redness and swelling in the area where the hair transplant is done. It takes a few days for this process to pass, and after a few days, the scalp can return to its normal state. During this ongoing process, the scalp may be sensitive, itchy, and slightly red. This indicates that the healing process is progressing positively, so there is no need to worry.

During the 2-3 weeks of the ongoing healing process, scabbing may occur on the scalp. These scabs will naturally fall off, and the flaky appearance will disappear. The process of full hair growth and the regrowth of the transplanted hair takes about 3-4 months. During this period, the scalp can fully heal.

However, the complete hair growth process may take 8-12 months. Regular follow-up and care as recommended by the doctor, maintaining a healthy diet, and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol can aid in the post-hair transplant healing process.

What should I expect from a good hair transplant?

Getting a good hair transplant is an important factor in increasing self-confidence and feeling better about oneself. Therefore, in order to achieve a good hair transplant result, it is essential to work with the best hair transplant clinic and the best hair transplant surgeon. This way, you can obtain the best possible hair transplant results. The following are the expected outcomes of a good hair transplant:

  • Natural-looking Hair
    One of the highest expectations for the best hair transplant results is a natural-looking hair appearance. If the hair transplant process goes well, natural-looking hair can be achieved. With natural-looking hair, no one will be able to tell that you have had a hair transplant, as it will not be any different from your own hair.
  • Lifetime Permanent Results
    If a successful hair transplant process is completed, your hair transplant results will be permanent for a lifetime. Therefore, if you want to have permanent hair, we recommend choosing the best doctors for hair transplant.
  • Increased Confidence
    One of the most common consequences of hair loss is losing confidence. This situation sometimes leads to a decrease in self-confidence. If the hair transplant process is successful, the achieved successful results will refresh the person’s self-confidence. Therefore, the person will feel better about themselves.
  • Correctly Positioned Hairline
    After a positive hair transplant process, you will see that the hairline on the scalp is correctly positioned, resulting in a more natural appearance.
  • Short Recovery Period
    The hair transplant process is usually a minimally invasive procedure, and the recovery period is therefore shorter. Therefore, a fast recovery process indicates that the person will achieve positive results.

When I find the best doctor for hair transplantation, how can I be sure?

To ensure that you have chosen the best hair transplant doctor in the world, first make sure that the hair transplant surgeon is a member of international organizations such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), American Society of Plastic Surgeons, World Society For Reconstructive Microsurgery, and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. This is because the hair transplant surgeon can carry out a more professional process by following the latest hair transplantation techniques in these organizations.

In addition, pay attention to whether your doctor is certified by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Because a surgeon certified by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery indicates that the surgeon is competent enough to achieve flawless results in hair transplantation. Thus, the right surgeon can be chosen.

Another way to know that you have chosen the right hair transplant surgeon is through successful hair transplant surgeries performed by the doctor. You can understand this from flawless before-after images. The most important point to pay attention to here is that the hair images should have a natural appearance. In addition, the success of the hair transplant surgeon is demonstrated by performing a transplantation procedure that is suitable for the ethnic and biological structure of the person.

What Should I Consider When Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Clinic?

When choosing the best hair transplant clinic, the first thing to pay attention to is the presence of a professional and expert surgical team. This way, positive results can be achieved throughout the hair transplant treatment process.

At the same time, attention should be paid to the additional patient services provided by the hair transplant clinic. For example, the hotel plan provided by the hair transplant clinic during your stay in Turkey ensures a more comfortable recovery period. Or, the 24/7 support center provided by the clinic ensures that all question marks regarding hair transplantation are eliminated.

In addition, it is important to ensure that the hair transplant center is accredited by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and rated as gold standards. This way, it is understood that the clinic has authority in hair transplant procedures and has high standards in hair transplantation.

What is the information that can help me when choosing a hair transplant clinic?

When deciding to get a hair transplant, there are helpful pieces of information available that can facilitate the process. These pieces of information include:

  • Pay Attention To The Availability Of Patient Services That Speak The Same Language As You.
    Having a patient services team that speaks your language can be advantageous because they can answer any questions you may have about the hair transplant process and provide you with information about the process more easily.
  • Don’t Ignore The Mini-Tours That Have Been Prepared For You.
    Hair transplant procedures can be quite stressful, so using personalized mini-tour packages created by hair transplant clinics can help you relieve the tension and make you more comfortable during the treatment process.
  • Arrive A Few Days Before The Hair Transplant Procedure.
    It is more advantageous to arrive in Turkey a few days before the hair transplant procedure. This is because blood tests and other medical examinations are usually required before the procedure to ensure that you have a smooth treatment process.

You can contact us to get more information about hair transplantation with Dr. Süleyman TAŞ, one of the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey, and to get the hair of your dreams in a short time.